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Ghost Vapor

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Genetic Enigma: Step into the mystique of Ghost Vapor, an enigmatic indica-dominant hybrid born from the elusive Ghost OG and the vibrant Purple Punch. This 70% indica strain weaves together the genetic tapestry of its parent strains to create a captivating and potent experience.

Potency in the Veil: Concealed within the veil of its genetic heritage, Ghost Vapor emerges with a THC potency ranging from 20% to 24%. This indica-heavy cultivar promises a potent and multifaceted encounter that unfolds with each ethereal puff.

Swift Manifestation: Experience the swift manifestation of Ghost Vapor as it matures in a relatively short period of 50-60 days. This accelerated growth contributes to the allure of cultivating this mysterious strain, allowing for a timely harvest.

Ethereal Aesthetics: Behold Ghost Vapor’s ethereal aesthetics, featuring a colorful appearance with tones of green, yellow, and purple. The buds, covered in a trichome-laden embrace, exude a dense and leafy exterior, adding to the strain’s visual intrigue.

Aromatic Alchemy: Engage in an aromatic alchemy with Ghost Vapor, as it releases a symphony of skunky, earthy, spicy, and citrus notes. This olfactory composition adds layers to the sensory experience, creating an enticing fragrance that lingers in the air.

Terpene Ensemble: Explore the terpene ensemble that shapes Ghost Vapor’s profile, including pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool, and terpinolene. This diverse combination not only contributes to the strain’s aroma but also hints at potential.

Unknown Origin: While the breeder remains shrouded in mystery, Ghost Vapor’s undisclosed origins add an extra layer of intrigue to its enigmatic nature. The lack of information enhances the strain’s allure, inviting enthusiasts to explore its effects with a sense of anticipation.

Ghost Vapor, with its elusive genetic lineage and multifaceted effects, beckons those who seek a captivating journey into the mystical realms of cannabis experiences. Embrace the unknown and let the ethereal essence of Ghost Vapor guide your senses through an intriguing and potent encounter.

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