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about us

Growing excellence,
one clone at a time.

Welcome to LA Clone Company, where our essence is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Los Angeles’ cannabis cultivation legacy. We are not merely a business; we are the custodians of a tradition that celebrates the artistry and science of cannabis growing. Our connection with the city’s legendary growers has allowed us to curate a collection of clones that not only represent the pinnacle of genetic excellence but also carry the soul of LA’s celebrated cultivation history.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to bridge the gap between the revered traditions of cannabis cultivation and the modern grower’s quest for perfection. Through our enduring partnerships with some of LA’s most esteemed cultivators, we’ve cultivated more than plants—we’ve nurtured relationships, knowledge, and a shared passion for cannabis excellence.

Each clone in our collection is a narrative of dedication, a story of the meticulous care and expertise poured into its growth. These clones are not just the offspring of premium genetics; they are the bearers of a legacy, each leaf whispering tales of the growers who have shaped Los Angeles’ cannabis culture through the decades.

At LA Clone Company, we invite you to become part of this storied tradition. Whether you are a seasoned cultivator seeking to elevate your craft or a newcomer eager to embark on your cultivation journey, our clones offer a gateway to unparalleled growth experiences. Our commitment extends beyond providing superior clones; we are dedicated to supporting your growth every step of the way, sharing insights, knowledge, and the very essence of LA’s cultivation heritage.

Step into the world of LA Clone Company, where every clone is a piece of Los Angeles’ rich cannabis history, meticulously nurtured to offer you not just a plant, but a partner in your cultivation journey. Together, let’s cultivate success, excellence, and a lasting legacy in the ever-evolving story of cannabis cultivation.

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