Pure Michigan


Pure Michigan, a 70% indica-dominant hybrid, is the result of crossing Oreoz with Mendo Breath F2. Boasting a robust THC content ranging from 24-28%, this strain promises a potent and well-rounded experience. With a moderate flowering period of 55-65 days, Pure Michigan accommodates growers with average experience.
In terms of morphology, Pure Michigan takes on the typical indica characteristics—short stature and wide structure, featuring large fan leaves. To optimize growth, it’s recommended to trim these leaves, promoting increased airflow and enhanced light penetration throughout the plant.
The buds of Pure Michigan are dense, showcasing a captivating blend of purple and green hues. Frosty white trichomes cover the nugs, accentuated by the presence of numerous orange pistils.
Pure Michigan offers a distinctive flavor profile, characterized by chocolate, diesel, nutty, lime, and menthol notes. The terpene combination, led by caryophyllene and myrcene, contributes to this flavorful experience.
Bred by ThugPug & 3rd Coast Genetics, Pure Michigan stands as a testament to the fusion of Oreoz and Mendo Breath F2 genetics.


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