Meat Breath


A robust 100% Indica strain, Meatbreath emerges from the union of Mendo Breath and Meatloaf, bringing with it a THC potency that ranges from 17-29%. The maturation period for this strain spans between 55-63 days, falling approximately from late September to mid-October. The yield is contingent on the cultivation environment, offering around 12oz/plant outdoors and an estimated 1oz/ft² indoors. Its compact stature makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The visual allure of Meatbreath is characterized by long, narrow nugs adorned in a palette of minty green, accentuated by rich purples and burnt amber pistils. The trichomes, thick and substantial, generously coat every inch of the plant in a crystalline layer of goodness.

Meatbreath unfolds a captivating olfactory experience, featuring scents of sour citrus and diesel, complemented by deeper notes of fresh herbs, woodiness, and pine. This aromatic symphony is orchestrated by the presence of terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, and limonene, each contributing to both aroma and effects.

As a creation of ThugPug Genetics, Meatbreath stands as a testament to the fusion of genetic legacies, offering a potent and well-rounded cannabis experience for enthusiasts seeking both visual and.


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