Honey Wine


Honey Wine, a harmonious blend of [Mendo Breath x Dosidos] and Strawberry Pinecone, manifests as a 60% Indica strain with a THC content ranging from 18-22%. With a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and delivering potent effects, this strain caters to enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded experience.

The buds of Honey Wine are a sight to behold, characterized by chunky density, deep purple undertones, and prominent calyxes adorned with neon orange pistils. This visual spectacle hints at the delightful sensory journey that awaits.

The aroma and flavor profile of Honey Wine are a symphony of sweetness, with notes of honey, sugar, and citrus complemented by a subtle spiciness reminiscent of wine. The terpene profile, including limonene, ocimene, pinene, and terpinolene, contributes to the strain’s complex and appealing bouquet.

Bred by the skilled hands of Abakaba,


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